Oil Free Scroll Screw Compressor

Oil Free Scroll Screw Compressor
  • Gas supply:0.2-3.6 m³/min
  • Motor power: 2.2 kw – 33 kw
  • Pressure: 7-8 BAR


The operation process will need 100% oil free compressed air, any compromise to compressed air will be dangerous. No matter it is for food industry, pharmacy industry, high precise electronic industry or other application will need 100% oil free air to remove contaminated danger. According to your requirement, we recommend you our 100% oil free scroll compressor, which will produce 100% oil free compressed air to match your air requirement.

Performance & Characteristic:

  • Clean oil free compressed air
    adopt 74 degree complicity dry seamless, more reliable seamless, eliminate air leakage. Not just compression process is oil free, but also on the afterward transportation adopt stainless steel pipe, stainless steel check valve, stainless steel air receiver(for air receiver mounted), ensure the quality of compressed air.
  • High efficiency scroll air end
    Adopt the advanced oil free scroll airend, reliable bearing and grease, make sure the reliability and long life-span of airend, high precise machine for motivated scroll, fixed scroll and housing, ensure high efficiency of airend. Reliable seamless material, ensure compression chamber and lubricated transmit 100% be separate, ensure compressed air is oil free.
  • High Reliability
    Cooling fan adopt integrated centrifugal impeller, low noise, high cooling air pressure, high cooling air, ensure the cooling air is enough, ventilation fan adopt silence axial fan, ensure the heat inside of cabinet could be eliminated in time. Heat exchange has been increased 20%-30%, anticorrosive treatment inner structure, after strict testing, ensure the exhausting air less than environment temp.+10-15℃, reduce the burden of downstream equipment. Adopt direct driven, not belt driven, improve transmission efficiency & reliability, reduce the maintenance cost of changing belt.